A great tip for hair arrangement! A large number of "Mini Vance Clips" have arrived.

Many new products have arrived in our extremely popular mini hair clip range.
The key point is that it's easy to wear while still keeping up with the trends.
Please check out.

A mini hair clip with a trendy ribbon motif.
The mature color range means that even the ribbon motif doesn't look too cute.

Ribbon Mini Bun Set

This mini hair clip with a flower motif is recommended for the coming season.
You can twist and pin your bangs or wear multiple ones side by side, which instantly expands the range of styling options.
This item is also recommended for children.

Plump Flower Mini Bun Set

Matte Flower Mini Bun Set

The pearl design gives a mature and elegant impression.
It can add a touch of sweetness to casual outfits.

Curved Pearl Mini Bun Set

Square pearl mini bun set

Pearl Mini Bun Set

Brown and black are easy to match with your hair, making this mini hair clip recommended for those who want to wear it casually.
The simple design goes well with a variety of outfits.

Onion Mini Bun Set

Square Mini Bun Set

What did you think.
All you have to do is clamp it together, so anyone can easily enjoy this trendy arrangement.
Please take this opportunity to get it ♪