Perfect for spring outings! Introducing mesh bags and daisy pattern pouches.

It's the second half of March, and spring is finally here.
It's getting warmer little by little, and many people are starting to go out.
This time we will introduce recommended bags and pouches for spring◎

A mesh bag with a wide variety of colors.
Because it is a soft fabric, it can hold more luggage than it looks♪
Just incorporate it into your outfit to add a sense of the season.

mesh bag

This daisy pattern clear pouch is recommended for storing small items such as lips and accessories.
The cute design makes it fun just to hold it◎
There are two shapes: square and arch.

Daisy pattern pouch / square

Daisy pattern pouch / arch

Recommended to carry along with a mesh bag

What did you think.
I want you to welcome spring not only with new clothes but also with new bags and accessories.
Luna Earth also carries many other bags and pouches!
You can see it here , so please check it out.