Comes with a nice UV protection effect! A large number of sunglasses and date glasses have arrived.

As the temperature gradually rises, UV rays start to become a concern.
With Luna Earth's fashionable glasses and sunglasses, you can protect yourself from UV rays while enjoying fashion.
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The brown colored frame and lenses go well with a variety of coordinations and blend in naturally.

sunglasses / boston

The thin frame and blue lenses give it a bit of a playful feel, making it perfect for going out to the beach.

colored sunglasses

Date glasses not only protect against UV rays, but can also be easily and stylishly incorporated into your daily outfit.

sunglasses / boston

We also carry glasses cases that are convenient for carrying your glasses.

Glasses case / PU leather / spring type

Glasses case / PU leather

What did you think.
Sunglasses are a must-have for UV protection, so don't miss this opportunity to check them out!
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