Many gorgeous occasion accessories have arrived!

Many people may be worried about which accessories to match with their beautiful and elegant outfits.
In such cases, accessories with pearls or bijou are recommended.
Many accessories recommended for occasions have arrived, so be sure to check them out◎

A U-shaped comb that gives you a relaxed look by simply inserting it into your loose bun hair.
A series of randomly sized pearls completes your hairstyle.

U-shaped comb with pearl

Vance clips and barrettes that can be worn without complicated arrangements.
You can enjoy a different atmosphere depending on the arrangement, such as wearing it with a low pony for a mature look or wearing it with a half-up look for a cute look.

Pearl Butterfly Vance Clip

Pearl x Bijou Ribbon Vance Clip

rhinestone ribbon barrettes

If you want to wear it on loose hair, we recommend a headband.
It's cute when worn normally, but if you wear it as a back headband, you can enjoy a fashionable look that stands out from the rest.

White flower headband / pearl

stone flower headband

A U-pin with a pearl that can be used as a point for buns or buns.
We recommend using it with a back headband as shown in the photo, as it gives a simple but elaborate look.

U pin with pearl / with pouch

What did you think.
These items can be used not only for occasions but also for daily use, so just having one on hand is sure to be a great help.
In addition to the products introduced this time, we also offer mature and elegant accessories.
You can see it here , so please check it out♪