Happy Mother's Day! Many flower-filled accessories recommended for Mother's Day have arrived.

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May.
I want to give a present to my mother who always supports me,
If you give gifts every year, it can be hard to decide what to give.
This year, why not give some accessories to your mother who you want to stay beautiful forever?
We would like to introduce some accessories that you can give to express your gratitude, which you may not normally be able to express in words.

Hair accessories that allow you to easily style your hair even on busy mornings.
It's easy to style, so it's recommended for those who aren't good at hair styling.

Enclosed Flower Banana Clip

Flower Barrette

Enclosed Flower Pony Hook

Ear accessories that are easy to incorporate into your outfit.
It is a gorgeous and elegant design that is perfect for adult women and can be worn daily.

Encapsulated Flower Earrings

Nuance Flower Earrings

Encapsulated Flower Dome Earrings

Encapsulated Flower Hoop Earrings

Rings and necklaces are popular accessories that women want to receive from their loved ones.
It also has a strong talisman-like element, and when you wear it, you'll see it at random moments and feel as if it's always with you.

Enclosed Flower Ring

Enclosed Flower Set Ring

Enclosed Flower Necklace

We also recommend giving it in a cute drawstring bag.
If you use your favorite colors, it will create a unified look.

Gift Bag

What did you think.
Please give this as a gift to express your gratitude.
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