Protect yourself from the sun this summer! Bucket hats made from summer materials are now in stock.

During the summer when the sun is strong, you need to take proper precautions.
If you want to protect yourself from UV rays hands-free, we recommend wearing a hat!
We'd like to introduce you to a bucket hat made from summer materials that will not only provide you with protection but will also help you look stylish at the next level.

This bucket hat has a simple design that goes well with any outfit.
It fits deep and securely, and you can expect a slimming effect on your face.
It also has excellent breathability and doesn't get stuffy even in the hot summer.

Cotton bucket hat

We also have bucket hats with a subtle two-tone design.
It goes well with feminine outfits.

Two-tone bucket hat

A crocheted bucket hat with a cute flower design.
The design is so bold that just adding it to your usual styling will instantly create a sophisticated and trendy look.

What did you think.
In summer, your outfit will be lighter, so it's a good idea to add a hat as an accent.
You can find other items that can help protect you from UV rays along with the bucket hat we introduced here .
Be sure to check it out!