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[ Deco&gel (Deco Angel) ]

Deco & Gel uses high-quality, easy-to-use gel for salon use, made for nail artists and nail salons.
We offer professional products at affordable prices.
Because nail gel is applied directly to the nails (skin), we have focused on safety and security.

* "Deco & gel" is an original gel nail brand for salon work by "PARTS CLUB", another brand of our company (Endless Co., Ltd.). We have now started selling it at LUNA EARTH, exclusively online.

It is acrylic acid free, and the base gel is HEMA free, so there is little risk of causing gel nail allergies.
It uses low-irritation ingredients that are unlikely to cause allergies, making it highly safe and reliable, as it is made in Japan.

・Base gel
It has a good balance of adhesion and removal properties, and uses low-irritation ingredients.
(HEMA-free and acrylic acid-free)

- Peel off This gel can be easily removed by peeling off the base gel, and is applied to the base to ensure adhesion between the gel and your natural nails.
(HEMA-free and acrylic acid-free)

Deco&gel Peel-off Base Gel (clear)

- Non-wipe top gel has excellent curing properties, does not become sticky immediately after curing, and maintains a beautiful shine for a long time.
(Acrylic acid free)

- The color gel adheres well and lasts for about a month without lifting, so with just one application the beautiful color lasts a long time and does not leave any brush marks.

Deco&gel Color Gel IN157 (Pink Gray)

Deco&gel Color Gel IN1011 (VINTAGE PINK)

Deco&gel Color Gel IN572 (White Opal)

[Decorative parts/nail stickers]
Nail stickers and decorative parts are essential for enjoying creating your own personalised designs.

The trendy ribbon motif is sure to attract attention just by looking at it.

Deco parts ribbon assortment set

Lace stickers and metallic design stickers have a mature look and create an intricate look just by sticking them on.
You can have fun supporting your favorite idol by adding their initials to the cursive stickers.

Nail Stickers Rose

Nail Stickers Lace

Image on the left: Nail stickers, alphabet, cursive
Right: Metallic motif nail stickers

We also stock a wide range of other products such as brushes, lights and removal products.

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