[summer accessories] We have a large selection of clear accessories that sparkle in the summer sunshine!

May has come around again this year in the blink of an eye, and the number of days when we can wear short sleeves is increasing.
Clear colored accessories are popular in summer.
The clear color adds a light touch to your outfit and is perfect for creating a sophisticated, relaxed look.
This time we will introduce some clear color accessories.

This hair accessory features a motif that shines in the light, creating a sophisticated hairstyle.
It has a strong presence, and the combination with metal adds elegance.
It's the perfect size for a summer outfit.

Bubble Design Barrette

Bubble Design Rubber Pony

Clear x Metallic Nuance Rubber Pony

Ear accessories that add a casual feel without looking heavy.
The transparent bead motif sparkles every time it sways, making for an exciting design.

Clear bead titanium earrings

Clear bead titanium earrings

Clear Bead Wave Titanium Earrings

bubble hoop earrings

Bubble Earrings

If you want to create a cool look for your outfit, we recommend a necklace and ring.
It will add a statement accent to summer outfits which tend to be simple.

Clear x Metal Ring

Bubble Long Necklace

acrylic hoop necklace

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I'm sure there are many people who are refraining from going out to events or traveling in the summer.
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