A large number of popular motif accessories have arrived!

I think many people choose accessories based on a motif.
Did you know that each motif has its own meaning?
This time, we will introduce accessories with such classic motifs.

The heart motif gives a cute impression and is a classic and very popular motif.
It is said to be a symbol of love and happiness, and it is imbued with the wish to deepen bonds with loved ones and live a life filled with love and happiness.

Bicolor Heart Titanium Earrings

Bicolor Heart Earrings

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Flower motifs bring out the grace and splendor of women and represent beauty and happiness.
You can choose from a variety of designs, from pop to elegant, to match your outfit.

Flower Hair Clip

Flower Hair Clip

rose vance clip

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The shining star motif is a symbol of hope, dreams, and health.
It is a lucky motif that is said to bring you brightness and confidence, and also invite various opportunities and encounters.

Star Motif Set Titanium Earrings

Star Motif Set Earrings

What did you think.
We often wear accessories with motifs casually in our daily lives, but the motifs actually contain various meanings and wishes.
Since these are accessories that you will always wear, try to find the motif accessory that best suits your wishes.