Still very popular! We have a large number of mini hair clips in stock.

Mini hair clips are great for adding an accent to half twins or braids.
This is a very popular product that allows you to easily create trendy arrangements.
This time, we will introduce mini hair clips that are recommended for summer.

Aurora colored mini hair clip.
When light hits it, it sparkles with rainbow colors, making it perfect for summer outfits.

Aurora Butterfly Mini Bun Set

Aurora Flower Mini Bun Set

Aurora Onion Mini Bun Set

Mini hair clips in fun neon colors.
The trendy twin buns and neon color combination is recommended for summer events.
Neon Heart Mini Bun Set

This mini hair clip has a simple design that is easy to use daily.
The adult-like color range goes well with yukata and other items.

Butterfly Mini Buns Set

Left: Simple color mini bun set
Right: Half Moon Mini Bun Set

What did you think.
You can enjoy twisting and pinning your bangs regardless of the length of your hair.
Please take this opportunity to check it out!