Trendy "Ballet Core" items have arrived ♪

Ballet core is a hot trend right now.
Ballet core is a style that incorporates items and hairstyles with a ballet motif, and is characterized by its girly, ephemeral and sweet impression.

Rose x pearl hair clip

rose vance clip

This hair clip features a three-dimensional rose motif, making it perfect for enjoying ballet core.
The glossy satin material gives it an elegant look.

Rose Scrunchie

If you want to easily incorporate a rose motif, we recommend a simple scrunchie.
You can enjoy changing it by attaching it to your neck, bag, etc.

Rose x Pearl Scrunchie

Rose x Ribbon Scrunchie

A stylish scrunchie that is perfect as an accent for your hair.
Just use it on your hair in a rough updo to create a sophisticated hairstyle that doesn't look sloppy.

What did you think.
Ballet core creates an elegant and feminine atmosphere.
Be sure to incorporate the latest trends!