~Summer collection~Many summer accessories have arrived!

We have lots of new accessories in stock to help you stay cool and have fun this summer!
I'm sure there are many people who have events or trips coming up.
This time, we will introduce some recommended accessories for summer outings.

Marine-themed accessories that evoke the sea.
It gives off a pop image, while the single pearl adds a touch of maturity.
The metallic color makes it a versatile piece that can be worn with any outfit.

Marine motif set ring

[Left] Pearl and shell motif titanium earrings
[Right] Shell motif necklace with pearls

A playful set of earrings with a sea creature motif.
It's so cute you'll be excited, and its small size will subtly give you a summery feel.

From the left:
Crab motif set titanium earrings
Fish Motif Set Titanium Earrings

These large earrings are made of summery material and have a great presence.
During the summer, when we often wear our hair up, we recommend adding some glamour to your face with larger earrings.
Rattan x Beads Hook Earrings

Shell Design Titanium Earrings

This hair accessory is made from summer materials and can be easily styled.
Adding summery materials such as rattan and natural stones to your hairstyle will instantly give you a seasonal feel.

Rattan Pony Hook

Lace design headband

Sazare Design Barrette

What did you think.
We also have lots of other summer accessories in stock, so be sure to check them out!
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