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Good evening 🌙*.。
Luna Earth Nagoya Sunroad store 💁🏻‍♀️

Today, we will be offering bead accessories from our shop - ̗̀ very popular ̖́-

We have many available 🧚‍♂️➰✨

Today is part 1 from that

Please let me introduce 🎈🧸

beaded necklaces and rings
When layered with metal or pearl
You can use it more cutely 😶♥

Earrings and piercings are too small
Ease of use ◎ Even if you wear a mask, it will not get in the way!

Because the hairpin is thin
Even stacking with other pins ◎

The design is easy to match with any
One is a trend accessory that you want to have☺️

We also have many other items available.
We are waiting for you to visit us 🐯🌼

* Product arrival status and handling vary depending on the store.