Introducing the popular ring from Ebisubashi store💍˖ ࣪⊹ / Ebisubashi store

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Hello! LUNA EARTH Ebisubashi shop staff₍^>𖥦<^₎🎶💓

Today we would like to introduce the very popular ring at the Ebisubashi store💍˖ ࣪⊹

Brevet staff and Iebe staff each wore it👧🏻♡👧🏻

The brevet staff chose a slightly thicker silver ring! There is presence just by attaching one, and it looks twice as fashionable as usual 👀💭

Yebe staff chose a slightly thicker gold ring and a pearl ring! You can make it look gorgeous by wearing a gold ring, and you can make it look delicate with a pearl ring ( ͊ ̫ ͊ )♡

Another trend is to stack multiple rings on one finger🛍💓

LUNA EARTH sells many rings💍
Why don't you find a ring that suits you at LUNA EARTH? 🥺💭

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