We introduce the latest pierced earrings in the fall and winter➳✩⡱/Kobe Marui store

From Kobe Marui store @ lunaearth_kobe

🍁New Arrivals🍁

Luna Earth Kobe Marui store🧸
We introduce pierced earrings of the latest in the fall and winter➳✩⡱

The color of the leather part
There are 3 types of ``Beige / Khaki / Black''🐃

If you match it with leather coordination
A sense of unity comes out and gives a refreshing impression ⸜♡⸝‍

On the other hand, if you match it with clothes that have a gentle atmosphere,
Metal + leather design
All of a sudden I feel like I'm stylish
It looks like a "fashionable senior" ⸜♡⸝‍

Pierce ¥ 330 (tax included)


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(P-249) Faux Leather & Metal Hoop Hook Earrings