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From Lusca Odawara / @lunaearth_luscaodawara

Hello ☀
This is Luna Earth Slaska Odawara 🏯

Introduction of popular products today♥
Earrings with a mature and beautiful design that combines pearls and colored stones👂✨
It's also nice that the left and right have different color schemes👯
It looks very high, so it is popular regardless of age! ! !
It looks a little long and heavy, but it's actually light and doesn't tire your ears, so don't worry👍

Earrings 330 yen (tax included)

It will also be the focal point of your outfit, so I would like you to wear your hair up or put it on your ears and show off the fashion of these earrings to your heart's content♥lol
We are waiting for you to visit us 🏯

*The number is limited. Thank you for your understanding.
* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store.


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