Perfect for Christmas / Lusca Odawara

From Lusca Odawara store @lunaearth_luscaodawara

Hello ☀
This is Luna Earth Slaska Odawara 🏯

Today we'd like to introduce you to this one that's perfect for Christmas 🎄🎅
The! winter! It's a scrunchie made of velor material that feels like ⭐ lol
There is a wire in the ribbon, so it's easy to decide the shape and it's very cute, so it's recommended for a ponytail♥
As you can see when you hold it, the fabric is solid and the luster is beautiful, so it's a product that doesn't seem to be 330 yen 👏

Velor material scrunchie 330 yen (tax included)

It's cold every day, but let's spend a stylish and fun winter with Luna Earth's cute winter accessories ❄
We are waiting for you to visit us 🏯

*The number is limited. Thank you for your understanding.
* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store.


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