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From AEON MALL Itami Koyo @lunaearth_itamikoya

Hello ☀️
Luna Earth Itami Koya store✨

♡It is information for new product♡

Beautiful rings have arrived!
Both are available in 3 colors💍✨
Actual color, size, etc.
Please come and see us ❤️

Each ¥ 330 (tax included)!

. °. ❅°.゜.❆.・. ❅. . ❅°.゜.❆.・. . ❅°.

Instagram follow campaign in progress!
At the #Luna Earth Itami Konyo store,
We are doing an Instagram follow campaign!
Luna Earth Official ( @lunaearth_official ) and
Luna Earth Itami Konyo store ( @lunaearth_itamikoya )
By following your account and purchasing in-store products,
We will give you a mask at the cash register! !

*Please present the follow-up screen when paying.
*For new and existing followers
* Limited to one per person during the event period

. °. ❅°.゜.❆.・. ❅. . ❅°.゜.❆.・. . ❅°.

We are waiting for you to visit us 🦋

* Product arrival information and handling differ depending on the store.
Please contact the store you use directly.


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