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From Lumine Fujisawa store @lunaearth_fujisawa

Hello ❄⁡
Luna Earth Lumine Fujisawa store! ⁡

Today's trend item! ! It is introduction of bead pierced earrings🌼⁡
The flower motif is so cute🌼😳💗⁡
The quality is not visible for 300 yen, so it's the best cost performance item 🌷⁡
Here, besides resin pierced earrings, we also handle resin earrings, so ⁡
Please get it by all means😍💞💞⁡

Resin earrings 330 yen (tax included)⁡

Right now, follow both the official Instagram account and the Fujisawa store Instagram account⁡
We present a mask to the customer who received it 😍💞⁡
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*Please note that the number is limited. ⁡⁡
* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store. ⁡⁡