Rare earrings have arrived 🎀 / AEON MALL Makuhari Shintoshin

From Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin @lunaearth_makuhari

⛄️ New arrival information ⛄️

Good evening! #Luna Earth Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin Store🌟

Rare earrings with pearls have arrived 🎀

Two colors of SLV / GLO 🤍💛
Each ¥ 330 (tax included)!

I think it's hard to understand if it's just a picture of the earrings, so I also posted a picture of me wearing it! ️ Please take a look ~

*Please note that the number is limited.
* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our store 🧸