Cute new items / ekimo Umeda store

From ekimo Umeda store @lunaearth_umeda

Hello everyone💪🏻(*´꒳`*)✨

As cute new item arrived again this time, we introduce ❤️‍🔥

This time's new item is a spring-like butterflies 🦋-shaped vans 🌸✨

The shapes and colors are cute, but even the shadows are cute...🤤🤍lol I got one too 🦋💙

Available in 4 colors: white, purple green, and blue⭐️
Ladies and gentlemen, please buy it 🥰!! ︎

We have a lot of new items in stock other than this Butterfly Vance, so we are waiting for you from the bottom of our hearts (´・ω・`)♡