I would love to have a gift! Online shop staff recommendation♪

This time, two staff members of the online shop

I've put together a set recommended for gifts, so I'll introduce it!

Feel free to send cheap gifts such as gifts and exchanges between friends ○

This season is also with chocolate ♡

I would be happy if you could refer to it!


*Recommended by Staff A*

First, trends! Pearl ear accessory set.
At Luna Earth, stylish pearl accessories that can be used for a wide range of occasions from casual outfits are available at affordable prices!
The gift bag also comes with pearls, making it a very stylish gift if you arrange it cutely ♪

Next, a retro, playful and mature cute beads accessory set.
It's fun to wrap while thinking about the color combination and let them choose ♪

The OPP bag & gift sticker wrapping set in the photo can be purchased from 1 piece online only.
Please come along with a little gift ♪

★Products at the end of the article


*Recommended by Staff S*

I made a simple and cute hair set and a 3-piece set of chic accessories.

I chose the first set so that it can be used with wire ponies and hairpins.
Accessories alone are not enough! For those who say, a mirror is also included ♡

The second set is a mature set with black main.
The largest lace gift bag can easily fit a headband♪
Even if there are other presents, they can be put together.