I would love to have a gift! Online shop staff recommendation ♪ part2

Following the other day's "Online shop staff recommendation ♪",
Online staff Y will introduce recommended sets for gifts☆

With affordable accessories, you can easily make small gifts for mom friends♪

How about matching accessories with your best friends or gifts for your mother?

*Recommended by staff Y*

The first set is a set of trendy ear cuffs and earrings.
A collection of simple yet modern designs that make it difficult to choose fashion.
How about a gift for a friend who likes cool rather than cute?

The second set is a flower accessory set perfect for spring♡
Recommended as a gift for friends who like cute and feminine coordination ♪
The popular tulip earrings are also available in different colors. If you buy it yourself, you can enjoy link coordination with your friends ^ ^

Please use it as a reference♪