Trendy Comb & Hair Accessory

Pick up recommended hair combs and bounces this time!

Even simple hair is fine. With a large colored hair accessory, you can look taller♡

Kobe Marui store @lunaearth_kobe

You can make a trendy hair arrangement just by inserting it into your collected hair!
The tortoiseshell pattern is so cute!

Lumine Fujisawa @lunaearth_fujisawa

Great for party rolls and more! It is introduction of comb😍🌼⁡
This can also be used as a compact comb😍🌟⁡
Please try to get it😍💞

Atre Oimachi store @lunaearth_oimachi

It's a pastel colored clear bangs! ! !
The color is so cute😍
6 colors available👌

Iias Takao @lunaearth_takao

Due to the popularity of Butterfly Vance, there are few items in the store, so please get it as soon as possible 😳💖

* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store. Please contact the store directly to check stock availability.