Check the Instagram of each store!

Hello everyone!
I would like to pick up recommended products from the store Instagram today as well.

The Morella Gifu store, which just opened on 3/25, has an account, so please take a look ♪

● Morera Gifu store@lunaearth_maleragifu

Introducing the necklace
Cute design with pearls and trendy beads!
How about in the coming season when it gets warmer and your skin shows more? ☺️

● LaLaport Koshien @lunaearth_koshien

Today we would like to introduce our highly recommended new product!
Resin earrings with different left and right designs✨
The clear material will brighten up your outfit!
There is no doubt that he will be very active in the coming spring and summer 🥰

● AEON MALL Itami Konyo @lunaearth_itamikoya

Metal combs have arrived♡𓂃°
It is development of gold and silver♡
You can arrange it now ❁❁

● Atré Oimachi store @lunaearth_oimachi

New barrettes have arrived!
So cute😍
A lot of spring items are received☆
Please come and visit us ☺️

* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store. Please contact the store directly to check stock availability.