Cute hair accessories PICK UP! Large and gorgeous item

Picked up from the store's Instagram this time ♪
The popular big ribbon is a must-see!

●Amu Plaza Miyazaki store @lunaearth_miyazaki

A new product has appeared in the hair rubber ✨⁡
⁡The popular BIG ribbon 👀🎀⁡
Excellent presence and perfect for one point 💪🎶

● Kobe Marui store @lunaearth_kobe

Banana clips in colors that are perfect for spring have arrived➳✩⡱
¥330 (tax included)
Great for office and formal occasions!
Please come and visit us!

● Piole Akashi store @lunaearth_akashi

Pastel colors will be very useful in the upcoming season, and the colors are easy to match with any outfit.
Please choose your favorite color⸜🌷︎⸝‍

● Kyoto Shinkyogoku store @lunaearth_shinkyogoku

It is very cute with sparkling beads and pearls🥰🥰
Available in 3 colors: pink, orange, and light blue 💖🧡💙
It's popular, so please buy it early 🥺

* Product arrival status and handling differ depending on the store. Please contact the store directly to check stock availability.