Introduction of recommended accessories with cute motifs♪

Hello! Online shop staff.

Today, we are handling LUNA EARTH,
Introducing accessories with cute motifs!
Easy-to-use items are good, but how about some playful accessories once in a while?

This eye-catching heart piercing is a cute piece with pearl dots♡
We recommend pairing it with simple clothes!

(P-350) Pearl dot heart titanium earrings ¥330 (tax included)

Still popular rose fly motif!
Not only is it cute, but it also stays firmly in place and is extremely practical.

(V-82) Matte acrylic butterfly vance clip ¥330 (tax included)

A fruit charm necklace that seems to be cute with a casual one point It is an item that is surprisingly easy to use because it does not make a strong statement ◎

(N-56) Fruit charm necklace ¥330 (tax included)

A fruit ring with a mini bijou that looks like a fruit ♪
It's cute even if you use it together with the fruit charm necklace!

(R-105) Fruit ring ¥330 (tax included)

Cuteness that makes you want to pick up all of them!
There are other cute accessories at LUNA EARTH!

Please check it out.