Buy 2 accessories by face type and get 1 free organza drawstring gift bag!

Exclusive to LUNA EARTH Online!

If you put 2 accessories by face type + 1 target organza drawstring gift bag in the cart for a total of 3 items,
A campaign is being held where one organza drawstring gift bag will be free ♪


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2 accessories for each face type
#Cute #Active cute #Fresh #Cool casual #Feminine #Soft elegant #Elegant #Cool
1 eligible organza drawstring gift bag

After adding a total of 3 items to the cart,
Please enter the above coupon code on the order screen.

*The drawstring gift bag will not be delivered unless it is added to the cart.
* If you proceed to purchase from this link, the coupon will be entered on the order screen.

[Products eligible for free coupons]

・NO-01304 Organza Drawstring Gift Bag / Soft Color

・NO-01312 Organza Drawstring Gift Bag / Dark Color

*Limited to one per person. Please note that if you cancel an order using a coupon, the coupon cannot be reissued.
*Cannot be combined with other coupons.

Please take this opportunity to check your face type and get the recommended accessories and gift bag♪

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