LUNA EARTH Metal Allergy-Free Accessory

LUNA EARTH commitment
LUNA EARTH accessories use materials that are gentle on the skin.

Skin-friendly metal allergy-friendly items are listed by material.

Not only for metal allergies,
Items that also have design are in stock one after another.

From materials that suit your constitution and taste,
Choose your favorite accessory.


Because titanium can prevent metal from leaching out due to sweat and water,
It is a material that is less likely to cause metal allergies.
You can use it with confidence.

*The post part is titanium processed, and the catch part is plated.

Titanium post pierced earrings are this⇒


Stainless steel is a rust-resistant and stain-resistant material.
It is resistant to sweat and water, so it is difficult for metals, which are known to cause metal allergies, to melt out, making it a material that is less likely to cause allergies.

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nickel free

Nickel-free accessories have a skin-friendly finish that contains virtually no nickel, the leading cause of metal allergies.

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The post and clip part that touches the ear are made of resin.
This material is recommended for those who are concerned about metal allergies and those with sensitive skin.

Resin pierced earrings are this⇒

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*There are individual differences in allergies. It's not 100% impossible for everyone. In the unlikely event that it does not fit your skin, please stop using it immediately.