mini shoulder bag / faux leather

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A mini shoulder bag with a moderate size and excellent usability ♪
Thin and not bulky, it can securely store the minimum necessary luggage such as smartphones and cards!

The interior is made of soft velor material with different shades for each color that is casually stylish.

Body: Height approx. 19 cm x Width approx. 17 cm x Depth approx. 2 cm
Shoulder length: Approximately 100-110cm (length can be adjusted in 5 steps)

Storage port: magnet type Storage: inner pocket x 1, outer pocket x 1 (inside mini pocket x 1)

・Avoid high temperature and humidity when storing, and store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
・For light stains, avoid oil-based detergents and wipe off with a soft, dry cloth.

* Since the monitor environment is different for each customer, there is a possibility that there is a difference in the appearance of the color.