flower pattern draw bag

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Stretchable and foldable draw bag♪
It looks small and has a large capacity! The shape and size will change according to the items in the bag.

After use, just take out your luggage and squeeze it tightly to make it a compact mini bag size!
The draw bag, which does not need to be folded and is not bulky, is recommended as a stylish eco bag as a gift.

Minimum: Horizontal approx. 11 cm x Vertical approx. 17 cm
Maximum: Horizontal approx. 40cm x Vertical approx. 50cm
* The size may vary depending on the arrival lot and color.

<Precautions for handling>
·Do not bleach. Washing with hot water makes it easier to discolor, so use a neutral detergent and hand wash with cold or lukewarm water.
・After washing, please avoid using a dryer or dryer to remove moisture. Adjust the shape of the bag by tapping it lightly and dry it in a well-ventilated shade.
・Please note that the color may fade or transfer due to water, sweat, abrasion, etc., or putting wet items directly inside.
・Avoid leaving it wet.
・Please be careful when using in the rain or when wearing white or light colored clothing. Also, please be careful of color transfer to other products.