Smartphone case for iPhone12 / for strap

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It is a case for iPhone-12.
There are two strap holders that can be passed through.

If you connect or pass a chain or cord and attach your smartphone, you can customize your smartphone with a strap or a shoulder type.
You can also use it by decorating the concave part of the surface nicely ♪

* Soft resin is recommended when pouring resin.
* A thin transparent film is pasted on the front and back. Please peel it off before use.
* Smartphone shoulder (LMP10-2207-0192) can also be installed.

Size: Approximately 16 x 7.5 x 1 cm (not including the holder)

Holder part hole diameter: about 6mm

* Since the monitor environment is different for each customer, there is a possibility that there is a difference in the appearance of the color.